Redefining Ship Management
Quadrant's insurance handing involves following:
The primary focus of the Quadrant is claim avoidance. The team is dedicated to minimizing owners' exposure to unexpected claims, delay or commercial loss. Working closely with our superintendents and marine team to guide, train and assist our crew to avoid incidents, accidents and legal disputes. Should a potential dispute arise then we liaise with owners and their insurers to find an efficient and effective solution using our experience to identify potential pitfalls early and avoid them.

Should a dispute or incident arise then our team ashore will provide 24 hour assistance to the vessel to ensure owner's position remains fully protected. As the matter develops we work alongside owners, their insurers and lawyers to manage the evidence and help find a swift and amicable resolution if at all possible. We present, handle and evidence owners' hull and machinery claims in a precise and efficient manner to ensure a full recovery in an acceptable time frame.

While claims avoidance is our goal, risk management is one of our core functions and we work closely with a panel of experienced marine brokers to assist owners in finding the correct insurance solution at the right price. Whether it is P&I, hull, loss of hire, war risk or insurance, we are able to source the correct package for our owners.
Quadrant can obtain very attractive rates for all types of marine insurance through our associates in the industry such as:
  • Hull and Machinery,
  • War risk cover
  • P & I
  • Loss of Hire
  • F,D & D